Saturday, August 29, 2009


Kelly went to the movies today with some friends. She had a great time.
Her dad came over a gave her a new phone for her birthday. She was happy about that, since she had one of Shawn's old phone. I can't believe she is 13 years old. Time just flies by to fast. I hate it. Happy Birthday Kell Bell. I love you.

Friday, August 28, 2009

What my Husband will do to make me laugh.

Gabe giving out the vibe.

Super Star.

Ok, if you know me I hate the pants that the kids wear today. The skinny's. Most of the kids just don't look good, but like Kelly tells me "It's the style Mom!" Ok, I still hate them. Gabe thought it would be funny to see if he could get on of his legs in. He did, then he just put them on. Oh My Gosh. There are many reason why I love Gabe, but the one I love his the way he make me laugh. I was laughing so hard i was peeing my pants. Gabe I love you.

Jordyn and Blue


Jordyn loves to watch blue clues, she will watch the whole show. It it so cute.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Back to School part 2

Emma before she left.
Mrs. Wyffles

Emma and her best friend Taylor
Emma had a great time today. She loved that she gets to eat at the school.
She already asking for cold lunch. I don't blame her because the lunches they serve, will let's just say I wouldn't feed it to a dog. That may be to far, but you get the point.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Back to School

A.J. is happy for school for once.
Kelly is way excited for this year.

Well, it's time for the kids to go back to school, the one thing the kids like is that Gabe gives them each a blessing, even Peyton got one too. She wants to go to school too. Shawn, Kelly, and AJ started today. Emma starts tomorrow, but we got to go meet her teacher. I'll get a picture of Emma tomorrow, Shawn has weight lifting 1st period so he didn't want one. I'll get one. I am happy that summer is over. I hope they enjoy this year and do well.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

What a weekend for Shawn!

Shawn and Toby
Hayden and Toby

Shawn has had a wonderful weekend. 1st like I said before he played in his 1st varsity game. And now he went to Toby Keith and even got to meet him. I really don't like him (Toby), but really. That's so cool. I am sure he had the best time. Thanks to his best friend Hayden for taking him.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Tis the season..... Yea, that's right FOOTBALL!!!

Shawn running off the field at half time.
Once again you can see how small he is.
Shawn and his team mates singing
RHS fight song.

Shawn and I after the game.

Well, Shawn got to dress and play in his first varsity game. Holy Cow!! it was so
much fun too see him play. I get so EXCITED when he gets in, people are just looking at me funny. Only if they knew. Gabe knows how I get when Shawn get to go in, so my wonderful husband thought it would be funny to tell that Shawn was running with the ball for a touch down, but it was another kid. I was jumping up and down then he said just kidding. I was mad at him for that, but it was funny. Shawn got in the seconds of the 3rd and 8 minutes of the 4th. I just hope Riverton got to keep the score high so he can play. What a night. I love this time of year. Shawn has the best friends, they all get just as exacted as I do to see him go in. He has the biggest heart. Anytime I see kids come in to Qunizo's and ask if they know Shawn? They say little Shawn or Rugby Shawn. Then they say " man that kids is all heart". That's the truth.
Way to go Riverton!!!! Maybe this is the year.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


I know it's been awhile, but life has been crazy. Let's see where do I start. Shawn and Kayla were on a break, but now they are just GOOD friends. He has been doing football and is excited because he gets to dress for Varsity tomorrow, he knows he will not play but it's still cool. He can't wait for school. Kelly went to to girls camp and had a blast. She too can't wait for school. She will be staying a South Hills. I am hoping she meets some new friends. The ones she has are not that nice too her. She is happy that she will be doing dance this year for her P.E. class. A.J. as always is busy with soccer, but loves every minute of it. This past weekend he went to a Real Soccer game with Gabe and got to go on the field with the team while the honing of the colors. in September he might get to go on the field to play a little game and walk out the players. Now that would cool. Gabe and him went to Colorado for a tournament. A.J. lost all his games, but had a great time with Gabe and our soccer family. I guess in February there is another tournament and I will be going to that one. This year A.J. and Emma will be going to a new school and that's where Emma comes in. She is so exited to be going all day and having lunch there. She has loved getting her new clothes. She keeps changing her mind on what to wear and how she wants her hair. Someone please help me, she is only 6. Peyton is feeling left out with all the school stuff going on. We bought her 2 new outfits and tomorrow Gabe is taking her to pick out a back pack. She wishes she could go too. She is so smart. Jordyn is walking all over and has 2 teeth. It is so much fun to watch her walk all over. She is starting to say some words. Her favorite word is Ah gees, mama, A.J. and dada. I can't believe she is 14 months old. time...... it just goes by to fast.
Gabe is running in a 5K run on Saturday. He is so exited for that. He will be one tired guy because that night he has a soccer game at 9:55pm. Not much for me. I just can't wait for school to start. Maybe my house will be cleaner. YEA MAYBE NOT!!!. Oh well you can't have too much fun with the kids. Sorry no pictures. Next time.

Monday, August 3, 2009

What a fun weekend!

This weekend I got to spend it with my girls. We had so much fun. We had a slumber party in the living room and watch movies. Emma and Peyton stayed up pretty late I was surprise. I love my girls. It was fun. I also got to spend Saturday afternoon with my wonderful sister, we went to see the movie "The Proposal." It was so funny, I don't think I have laugh so hard in a romantic comedy before. As some people know I love Matthew McConahay, not so much anymore. The guy in the movie Ryan Reynolds, well he just too cute and innocent looking I think I like him more, but of course my main guy was in Colorada. Thanks Krisy for a fun afternoon. Gabe and AJ went to Colorado for a soccer tournament. Thay had a good time. AJ's team lost all their games, but still had a good time. Shawn was with his dad for the weekend. Kelly stayed home with me because she had a birthday party Friday night and on Saturday she just didn't want me to take her to her dads. She is mad at him and says it's boring there.