Tuesday, September 28, 2010

No Girls Allowed!

My 2 Boys!

Shawn and his best friend Derrick decided that NO GIRL'S ALLOWED at Homecoming this year. They went with their football buddies (who went with girls.) Shawn said they had a good time. Both of them are just sick of the drama with girls. Out of all of Shawn's friends, he is my favorite. He is such a good kids. He calls me Mom and I love it.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A.J. loves playing Football

He played his heart out!
Player of the game 9/18/2010
It was cool that he got it that day, even though he played is heart out,
but Chris, Annie, and the Kids were here. It was fun to watch Chris and Donavan, they just
looked like they were enjoying it. Chris was funny because he kept telling A.J. stuff to do and was getting mad at the Ref's because of all the BS calls. It was nice that they came to support him.
A.J. with his flag. They fly these during their games. It's cool, because after they win or lose they go and get them and run down the field with them. It's cool.
A.J. is so good at football and is doing a great job. His coach can't believe how good he is. I think if you let him play any sport he will play like he has played that sport forever. He is just a NATURAL!
A.J. is on a good team and the Coaches are great. I think him playing soccer and having Shawn play football with him has helped out ALOT!!!

There's a first for everything

AJ getting up on Waking Boarding

AJ and Ben Kayaking

I know I am late about writing about mine and AJ trip to California. We had the best time. It was a FIRST of many's. It was AJ first time on a plane. I have to say that if I fly again I will fly with Jet Blue. I have flown different airlines and they are the best. I love that we were able to watch TV, Direct TV that is. When we got to California we got our rental car and drove up to stay with Ben and Heather. It was so fun. Heather's dad took us Wake Boarding and out to dinner to Chilies. That was our 2nd, of first. The next day we went to Malibu Beach to go Kayaking. The was the 3rd of first. It was so nice there the temperature was perfect. It was funny, Heather had sun tanning lotion. I put that on my arms and legs, it was only 8 proof, then Heather put 50 proof on my shoulder's. Guess what got fried, that's right my shoulder's. I don't get it. It was so much fun to watch AJ and Kyle play. They had the best time. After going to the beach we went back to Heather's and our stuff and headed to my Aunt Doreen's house. That was fun. We had dinner and went to my cousin house Chuckie. AJ and his son swam and we just sat around the pool and talk. It was nice because I haven't seen my Aunt, Uncle, and cousin in almost 14 years. The Next day we headed down to Anaheim to check in to our hotel. We had to meet the other players and their families for a Soccer meeting. Let's just say that at that time our little vacation was over. For the next 3 days was soccer, soccer, and more soccer. I had the best time with AJ. I know this will be something that he will never forget. It was a nice break for me too.