Thursday, May 28, 2009

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Dancing With The Stars. Love this show.

I can honestly say that this is one show the whole family will watch. Well the season. Shawn of course was in love with Shawn Johnson. The final was last night and Shawn Johnson won. Yea, I was yelling, Gabe kept telling me to be quite. It was such a great season. Now I have to wait until September for the new season. Oh well.

Monday, May 18, 2009


Well I have to say that my lesson was wonderful. It went better then I thought. I would so it all over again. Lacey's shower was so much fun. We had a good turn out. Gabe and I are a little upset set because A.J. has been playing with the same group of kids in soccer for the past year. Thay had trys outs on Friday night. He got put on team 2, with only 1 boy he has been playing with. I know that A.J. is no Beckham, but there are some boys who are only on it because of there fathers or the coaches son is on it and he is not even their age. Oh well, A.J. will have the chance to shine. I can't believe it's Monday, This week will be filled with babysitting and working. Gabe has a 4 day weekend, hopefully he can get some things done thats he been wanting to do.

Friday, May 15, 2009

I will be happy when this weekend is over. I know it's just starting, but tomorrow (saturday) I am having a bridal shower for cute sweet little niece Lacey. This will fun. I just hope it's a good turn out. Then comes Sunday. I get to teach in Relief Society, that's right Relief Society and this lesson has alot to cover. I just hope I do ok. As of Sunday I will no longer be in the library, I was hoping for another calling, but not at this time. I guess that's Heavenly Father's way of getting me to sunday school. Not my favorite class. Oh well! Nothing new with the kids. A.J. and Emma still have one more week off. Oh A.J. lost a tooth today. He is hoping to get 5.00 from the tooth fairy. I don't what he is thinking. Shawn and Kelly are going over to their dads house for the weekend. Hope thay have fun. Stay tuned to hear how sunday went.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

This week.

This week I started babysitting Josons brother and little sister. Thay are really good kids. I have enjoyed it so far. Ok, so my cute little Peyton is not so cute lately. I don't understand her. On tuesday (I think) she was outside peeing. What is she thinking. Oh well, it's just to funny.
Last night Gabe and I went to dinner with our friends the Anderson's. It was fun. Then James drop Shelly and I off at the movies, we saw State of Play. It was a great movie. It was nice that James and Gabe stay home with the kids. I guess are going to start taking turns doing this. That's fine with me, but we will still do things as a couple. We have so much fun with them. So do our kids. Shawn is finally done with rugby. His couch was so unorganized this year. It made it hard to like it. AJ and Emma have been off track for a week, thay have done nothing but play with there friends. It's nice. Even the weather. I just hope it stays.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Emma........ your just to cute

Emma came home from school today with my mother's day gift, because A.j. and her are out of school for the next 3 week. YEA!!! not. Her is the letter she wrote.
My mom is the most wonderful mom in the world!
Here name is Valerie. She is as
pretty as a princess. She is 35 years old.
She has blue eyes and brown hair.
She weights 50 pounds and is 10 feet tall.
Her favorite food is frosted flakes. Her favorite show
is the young and the restless. In the good old days when she was little,
she used to play with dolls. I think Mom is funny when she takes me to buy clothes.
But I know she's really angry when she gets mad. I wouldn't trade my Mom for a present.
I love my Mom because we go places together.
Happy Mother's Day!
Love, Rylie
I love to get presents like this, you really know what your kids are thinking about you.
Thank you Rylie, I love you.

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Peyton and her cute little smile

Peyton and the boy I babysit

Jordyn playing ball with Dad

Peek a Boo

Life is just so crazy sometimes. I haven't written in along time. The kids are all doing fine. Gabe is doing great. He is busy with his calling and soccer stuff for himself and A.J..Shawn is almost done with rugby, then comes football. Kelly is finally reading the last book of the twilight books, and can't put it down. Loves school and friends. Rylie still loves school and is mad that she goes off track next week. Peyton is starting to be a beast. Jordyn is still so tiny and so much fun. Myself... just working and babysitting and trying to keep my house up. that's funny!!!! Here are some picture.