Monday, November 22, 2010

Update, Update, Update

A.J. had the best year in football. His team 10-1 and won the State Championship. This is the trophy that is coach's wife made for the each boy. It is so cool. The picture doesn't do it justice. We went to his football party, I have to say it was the best football party I have been too. A.J. had the best coaches, you could really see that they loved each one of the boys. A.J. loved every moment of it and can't wait for next year.
Oh how I love this little girl. Peyton turned 5 this past Friday. 5 years. Holy cow how they have gone by. She is so full of life. She has me laughing eveyday. Yesterday in church a lady was playing the flute. Peyton looks look over ate me and said " mom! that's a really big whistle." oh course I staring laughing. " Peyton that's not a whistle thats a flute. She look at me like I was crazy. "But mom don't you blow in a whistle?" Yes Peyton, but that's not a whistle that's flute. " Okay mom if you say so.
She started preschool this year and loves it.

Kelly got a 2.725 on her report card. I am so proud of her. She is really trying this year. She has me laughing as well, I don't know what it is, but I have such funny kids.

Shawn played his last game of football about two weeks ago. They played Lone Peak, and lost 28-32. It was so sad. I have never seen so many high school boys so sad. I was able to run and the field and give him a hug. I will never forget that moment I got to share with him. He also had a good report card. He got a 3.8 and made the honor roll for the first time. I can't believe he graduates this next year. 2011 is the year great things.

Emma is still doing good in school. She LOVES school. She gets mad when it's the weekends or when they just don't have it. She is getting to tall. She is all legs. Emma is such a little mother. She takes care of Jordyn all the time. She is a great big sister.

Jordyn is are little chatter box. I love trying to make her say words that are hard, she does a good job. She is funny because when she is tired she just goes into her crib and always wants to watch the Band. That's her favorite show The Fresh Beat Band.

I am so grateful for everything I have. I have the best family, I love how each and everyone brings something different to our family. I am grateful for my husband, He works so hard. I am thankful for our jobs that we have and our beautiful home. My goal this next year is to make my home a more peaceful place and less hectic.