Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Emma's Special Day!

Emma with her Dad
Emma and Maddie
These two are so cute and have the best time together.
I just wished she lived closer.
Emma in her Baptism Dress
She looks so cute.
The Crazy 8's

This was a very special day. Emma was glowing.
The day was very cold and snowing all day long.
She had a lot of people there supporting her. Besides family we had our Home Teacher's, Brother and Sister Gregory. She was Emma's preschool teacher and lives in our ward. They are such a wonder couple and a great example to me. I love them like my own parents.
We are always saying that Emma will be the next Sister Gregory.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Picture's Picture's and more Picture's

Jordyn will sleep anywhere
Shawn, Derrick and their dates for Prom
My two Son's
Shawn and Victoria
She's seems nice and Shawn had a good time
Jordyn could swing on this all day
Gabe trying to sleep after a long day of taping Shawn's Rugby game's
Shawn after a game
Shawn looking real serious
At Kimmy's house in St. George
AJ and Drey
Love how Drey's leg is up
Towel Head
Rylie's Birthday Cake
Drey sleeping on the pillow
Jordyn sleeping in the dog bed