Wednesday, November 19, 2008

One Word

I was reading one of Gabe's friends blog (Rob Adams) and he had this on his. So I thought it would be fun to read what people have to say about me in one word.

The game is on and you're it!

Think of one word, just one single word to best describe me and post it in my comments. You can leave a brief explanation of why you picked that word if you want. Then feel free to post this on your blog if you want me to try to describe you in one word. It's also fun to see how many strange and interesting things people say about you.

Happy Birthday Peyton!!!!

The Big 3

Just born

Happy Birthday to my little girl. I can't believe she is 3. Peyton is the sweetest little
girl. She loves to sing and dance. She always has a smile
on her face and loves being the big sister to Jordyn. When ever she can change a diaper she will. I hope you have a great day.

Monday, November 17, 2008


A.J. at the Real Soccer Game
Peyton and her friend Bailee

Peyton opening birthday gifts
the big 3

Shawn and Lindsey before there big date.
Lots of things have been going on here at the keil bunch household.
Shawn got his cast off on the 7th of November. Went on a date with Lindsey to girls pref. He had a great time. Shawn and his friend Hayden are putting togather a Rugby team here in Riverton, thay already have the High School permission.
Kelly can't wait for the movie Twlight to come out. She is loving every mintue of young womens.
A.J. is still doing soccer. this time it's a indoor leauge.
Rylie loves to talk and talk, we call her our m&m aka motor mouth.
Peyton loves High School Mucial, singing, and playing with her friend Elizabeth.
Jordyn is getting big and is so cute. she loves her fingers and her toes.
Gabe is loving his indoor soccer team and loves going with A.J. to his.
Me I am just loving this time of year and can't wait to put up my tree.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Let it Snow! Let it Snow!!

Down the street
Front yard

The Mountains

Here are some pictures of the first snow fall of the season. Loving every minute of it. When it clears up I will get one of the mountains.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I was reading my Mother-in-laws blog the other day and she said something about each grandkid. It was cute and sweet to read, so I thought I would do it about my own kids and husband.

Gabe: Your smile and BIG heart
Shawn: The way you say I love you and give me kisses in front of your friends and of course football
Kelly: The way you always help out
A.J.: Your love for being a big brother and love you have for Shawn
Emma: Your love for school and learning. How you ask ? about everything
Peyton: Your hugs and Kisses and the love you have for music (josh groban)
Jordyn: Your little toes and fingers and your beautiful little smile

I have to say that I am one lucky mother and wife. I love my kids and my husband very much. We never have a boring moment in our house. I love how we are all so different, that's what make a family.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

What a Weekend!

I know everyone whats to see Halloween pics., but Gabe took the camera to Vegas, but my sister in law took some, so when I get them I will post. A.J. did really good with his soccer tournament. It's been a very long weekend. Not much has been going on here. I love this time of year. I love the changing colors of the leafs, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. I love the Christmas music that they play on the radio.Today has been raining all day. It's cold so I made my homemade chicken noodle soup. Yum!!!!! Gabe and A.J. will be home tomorrow. Shawn's High School played thier last game on friday, they lost 28-14 to Davis, all the boys were crying like babies. Shawn was crying too, he lives for the game and loved playing High School. He can't wait till next year. He will be back better and ready to play. He gets his cast off on friday so he can dance with his date Lindsey at the girls pref. And yes I will post pics. from that too.