Monday, November 22, 2010

Update, Update, Update

A.J. had the best year in football. His team 10-1 and won the State Championship. This is the trophy that is coach's wife made for the each boy. It is so cool. The picture doesn't do it justice. We went to his football party, I have to say it was the best football party I have been too. A.J. had the best coaches, you could really see that they loved each one of the boys. A.J. loved every moment of it and can't wait for next year.
Oh how I love this little girl. Peyton turned 5 this past Friday. 5 years. Holy cow how they have gone by. She is so full of life. She has me laughing eveyday. Yesterday in church a lady was playing the flute. Peyton looks look over ate me and said " mom! that's a really big whistle." oh course I staring laughing. " Peyton that's not a whistle thats a flute. She look at me like I was crazy. "But mom don't you blow in a whistle?" Yes Peyton, but that's not a whistle that's flute. " Okay mom if you say so.
She started preschool this year and loves it.

Kelly got a 2.725 on her report card. I am so proud of her. She is really trying this year. She has me laughing as well, I don't know what it is, but I have such funny kids.

Shawn played his last game of football about two weeks ago. They played Lone Peak, and lost 28-32. It was so sad. I have never seen so many high school boys so sad. I was able to run and the field and give him a hug. I will never forget that moment I got to share with him. He also had a good report card. He got a 3.8 and made the honor roll for the first time. I can't believe he graduates this next year. 2011 is the year great things.

Emma is still doing good in school. She LOVES school. She gets mad when it's the weekends or when they just don't have it. She is getting to tall. She is all legs. Emma is such a little mother. She takes care of Jordyn all the time. She is a great big sister.

Jordyn is are little chatter box. I love trying to make her say words that are hard, she does a good job. She is funny because when she is tired she just goes into her crib and always wants to watch the Band. That's her favorite show The Fresh Beat Band.

I am so grateful for everything I have. I have the best family, I love how each and everyone brings something different to our family. I am grateful for my husband, He works so hard. I am thankful for our jobs that we have and our beautiful home. My goal this next year is to make my home a more peaceful place and less hectic.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Meet MaKayla

Meet my cute little niece. I am so proud of my brother and sister-in-law. They went all the way to the Ukraine to get her. This little girl is so lucky to be going into this family. I here she just turned 1 and is so tiny. I can't wait to see her.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

No Girls Allowed!

My 2 Boys!

Shawn and his best friend Derrick decided that NO GIRL'S ALLOWED at Homecoming this year. They went with their football buddies (who went with girls.) Shawn said they had a good time. Both of them are just sick of the drama with girls. Out of all of Shawn's friends, he is my favorite. He is such a good kids. He calls me Mom and I love it.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A.J. loves playing Football

He played his heart out!
Player of the game 9/18/2010
It was cool that he got it that day, even though he played is heart out,
but Chris, Annie, and the Kids were here. It was fun to watch Chris and Donavan, they just
looked like they were enjoying it. Chris was funny because he kept telling A.J. stuff to do and was getting mad at the Ref's because of all the BS calls. It was nice that they came to support him.
A.J. with his flag. They fly these during their games. It's cool, because after they win or lose they go and get them and run down the field with them. It's cool.
A.J. is so good at football and is doing a great job. His coach can't believe how good he is. I think if you let him play any sport he will play like he has played that sport forever. He is just a NATURAL!
A.J. is on a good team and the Coaches are great. I think him playing soccer and having Shawn play football with him has helped out ALOT!!!

There's a first for everything

AJ getting up on Waking Boarding

AJ and Ben Kayaking

I know I am late about writing about mine and AJ trip to California. We had the best time. It was a FIRST of many's. It was AJ first time on a plane. I have to say that if I fly again I will fly with Jet Blue. I have flown different airlines and they are the best. I love that we were able to watch TV, Direct TV that is. When we got to California we got our rental car and drove up to stay with Ben and Heather. It was so fun. Heather's dad took us Wake Boarding and out to dinner to Chilies. That was our 2nd, of first. The next day we went to Malibu Beach to go Kayaking. The was the 3rd of first. It was so nice there the temperature was perfect. It was funny, Heather had sun tanning lotion. I put that on my arms and legs, it was only 8 proof, then Heather put 50 proof on my shoulder's. Guess what got fried, that's right my shoulder's. I don't get it. It was so much fun to watch AJ and Kyle play. They had the best time. After going to the beach we went back to Heather's and our stuff and headed to my Aunt Doreen's house. That was fun. We had dinner and went to my cousin house Chuckie. AJ and his son swam and we just sat around the pool and talk. It was nice because I haven't seen my Aunt, Uncle, and cousin in almost 14 years. The Next day we headed down to Anaheim to check in to our hotel. We had to meet the other players and their families for a Soccer meeting. Let's just say that at that time our little vacation was over. For the next 3 days was soccer, soccer, and more soccer. I had the best time with AJ. I know this will be something that he will never forget. It was a nice break for me too.

Monday, August 30, 2010

1st day of school

Peyton and her best friend Katie
Kelly on the first day of school
Emma on the first day of school
AJ on the first day of school
One of Kelly's gift's. It is a thing from China. The lady that is living with Dad and Shauna gave it to her. Her name is Kathy. The kids just love her and I believe she feels the same way.
Jordyn and Grandma Neen
Kelly opening her presents.

Well this year school started on a Thursday, a Thursday really, how stupid is that. Oh well. The kids were all so excited to start. I am mad at the fact the Emma and AJ don't ride the bus. I am in a car pool with my friend who lives behind me. I have to say that it's wired that the summer is over. It went by fast, but not as fast as some years.

Shawn is in 12th this year. Time flies, I can't believe it. He was accepted to the Jordan Tech Center so he can become a Dental Assistant. I think it's cool because after he graduates he will have a better start. He wants to work and go to school for a year then he leaves on his mission. He his playing football stills and is loving every minute of it. This weekend he gets to play a school in Idaho. Gabe gets to go with them. He is filming the parts of the game.

Kelly is in the 9th grade this year. She turned 14 yesterday. I hate that my kids are getting older. Kelly is so excited this year. She is loving Seminary and love Science, which is a first. She says her teacher is cool and funny. Kelly told me that this is the year! She wants so bad to get good grades, and I believe that she will. I told her to keep that attitude. She seems so happy. I am so happy for her. I love to see her smile.

AJ is in the 4th grade this year. He is a busy little boy. He plays Soccer and Football and is loving all of it. On Wednesday 9/1 AK and I are leaving for California for 6 days for a soccer tournament. We can't wait. It's going to be hard and fun all at the same time.

Emma is in the 2nd grade. She is loving it to the fullest. She would mark down the days till it stated. I don't think I really need to worry about her. She always dose what she needs to and if she forgets.... she starts to cry.

Peyton has a new friend that lives next door. Finally we get new people that move in. They are such great people. Peyton and Katie play so well together, if they could they would live together. I am going to start watching her and in return her mom is going to clean my house. NICE!!!!

Jordyn is getting so big and is talking up a storm. I just love this little girl. She is such a mama's girl.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Football and more football.........I love it!

Shawn making the play
Last year of Football. It's sad. I just love watching him play.
It's weird to see him in a different #. He has always has 3 or 33.
When Gabe's friend Rob pasted away last December, Shawn wanted to
honor him so Rob was #10 in high school. So the year in Rugby and now Football
he wears #10 and puts Rob's name on his leg. I ask Shawn the other day if he wishes he was wearing his old #'s? He told me no, that he loves wearing #10. He also told me that at times he can feel Rob watching over him. Shawn got to know him pretty good when he was still here. He also said this is different for me it has more meaning then any other year. I am glad that
Shawn is wearing his # and I am glad we were able to meet Rob. What a wonderful person he
was and a example to my boy.
This picture is not all that good of AJ, but it will have to do for now. He has started to play and loves it. He is pretty good for this being his first year. I guess that's what he get for having a big brother that loves the game too.
Here is AJ with his team listening to his Coach.
It is so much fun to see him play. It brings back memories of when Shawn was little.

The Kids start school on Thursday. NICE!!! All the get are ready to go back. Emma and Kelly
keeps counting down the days.

I am loving my job at Micheal's. It's just the right job for me. It's funny I worked Saturday and for 2 hours all I did way make a cute Halloween treat bucket. It's just alot of fun.

Gabe and I are doing good. All I have to say is that, this is a happiest I have been in a long time.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Heather and myself. I just love it when she comes up.
All I can say about this one is....... NICE
Peyton and her buddy. Peyton just loves Heather.
at the water park.
She is just to cute for words.

The kids always have so much fun when Kyle comes. We all had the best time.
I love the pictures of what Heather took of the kids. I can't wait to see the rest. Rylie and Kyle had the best time with each other.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Bear Lake 2010 Continued

This is my favorite
Isn't she just the cutest

This shows how deep the cave is. We had to climb 448 stairs, I mean 896 stairs. It was alot of work, but so cool to be inside. It was also 40 degrees.

Gabe playing with the kids

Aj and Grandpa getting ready to ride the runner
Side view of the bike
Just getting done eating the best chicken ever

Bear Lake 2010

Ice formation aka Soda straws
Getting ready to ride this bike. It was so hard, but so much fun
More ice formation
AJ and Emma playing in the sand at the beach

AJ riding a bull in Lava Hot Springs
Gabe in the Ice Cave
Look at the air he got
Aj thinking he is funny

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I have been so bad.

Sorry for not keeping my blog up to date, but the last 2 months have been crazy. 1st I got really sick and was down for about 4 days. Gabe stay home one day and all did was sleep. It was nice. Then we have had soccer games and rugby games. Emma loved playing soccer she can't wait till she can play in the fall. We also sign Peyton up, but that was a whole different story. Let's just say she won't be playing anytime soon. Shawn and Kelly are out of school. Emma and AJ will be out on July 2nd then we leave with Dad and Shauna to Bear Lake for 6 days. I can't wait. Just to get out of the Salt Lake Valley will be nice. Shawn and Kelly are going to their Harris family reunion in Tennessee. They will be gone for 15 days. I started my new job today at Micheal's craft store. It was nice to get out of the house for awhile. I am only working about 15-20 hours a week. Not to much.

My cute little Peyton came up to me about 2 weeks ago and this is how the conversation went.
*Peyton: " I have just decided that I am not going to grow?"
*Me: " Why Peyton?"
*Peyton: " because growing up is for grownups not for kids and I will not do that."

She is so funny. She has also decide to not have a birthday just a present day. She is so funny. She is so serious about this every time we talk about her birthday she gets so mad.

Shawn turned 17 and Jordyn turned 2, time just goes by to fast. Before i know it Joryn will be 17.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A update on the Keil Bunch

Jordyn watching the Fresh Beat Band on the computer.
She loves the Fresh Beat Band
Look at that cute smile and I love her hair.

There has been alot going on in the Keil house hold.

Shawn has been doing Rugby and loving every min. of it. His team has been doing good. Last week Shawn got accepted to the SLCC Collage for a Tech class for next year. He will be doing the dental assisting program, so after he gradates from High School he will already have some what of a career.
I am so proud of him.

Kelly has moved to a new school and is loving it. She seems so happy and I love to see her smile. She has made some new friends, but still has her bff from the other schooland that she still see's.
She died her hair a dark brown and it's so cute. There is just something about her now. I love you Kelly and I hope you keep that smile on your face.

AJ has started soccer for the spring and is loving it to a point. He is on a team with boys that still don't get the game, but their are doing good for the most part. I feel that AJ is really good and needs to be on the 1st team, but that will come with time. He had been enjoying the warm weather and plays until 8 every night.

Emma has started soccer and Gabe is coaching her team. They had their first practices tonight and she had a lot of fun. She is doing really good in school and loves it. She hates when it's the weekend and when she goes off track. Emma is almost on a 2nd grade level in reading. She loves to read. I just hope this continues.

Peyton, Peyton, Peyton, she is so funny. I love that I am home with her all day. We have so much fun together. She is always coming up with funny things to say. Last week she wanted to go and play with one of her friends, nut I couldn't get a hold of her friends mom. So she asked if she could go and play with Kevin. I told her if you go to grandma's you have to sleep over, because grandma lives to far to go back and fourth. So she said "ok, but only for 1 night Kevin is to much to handle." She is just to smart and I love her to death. She is such a mamma's girl.

Jordyn is still really tiny for her age, but I love it. She is only 23lbs. She is starting to talk more and loves to say water, milk, there she is and outside. She loves going to the nursery and loves to watch The Fresh Beat Band. I know TV's not good, but it makes a great babysitter.

Gabe got a new position at work and hates it. It's nice that he got a raise, but it's not what he wanted it to be. He is busy with coaching Emma's team, church stuff, AJ soccer stuff, and Shawn's rugby, but he loves it all. He will be doing some electrical in the basement. It will be nice when the rooms are done.

Myself just trying to stay sane. I love that I am home with the kids. I am also glad that the weather is getting warmer. Jordyn loves to be outside. I just wish I had more time with Gabe. We don't get to do much with each other. All I can say is I love my family. Life is good.

Friday, March 26, 2010


Shawn and Kayla
My handsome boy!

New Moon Party!

Last night I went to a New Moon Party at a ladies house in my ward. It was so much fun. We had lots of treats and lots of good company. It was funny because some people there think that Edward is hot and some of us think NOT!!! It was fun to be going back and fourth.

I just love Utah weather, ( NOT) It's snowing outside. I just wish spring would get here. I know it always snows in March, but I hate it.

Tomorrow is my little Emma's birthday. Is will be 7, I can't believe it. She is such a sweetheart and loves school. I can't keep her home for nothing. I just hopes it stay with her. She is also doing so good in school. I am so proud of her. I don't think we have to worry about her in school, but we will keep our eye on her.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Shawn and his passion. Rugby

Shawn and Gabe went to St. George the first weekend in March. They stayed with my cousin Kimmy and her family. Thanks Kim, they had a blast.
Shawn really love this sport and the coaches were talking and said that Shawn is the most improved player. Last week he scored his first try, (it's like a touchdown) he was so proud of himself so was Gabe, he called me (Gabe) all excited. Way to go Shawn.