Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thank you Shauna

I had the best day yesterday. Shauna came and picked me up so we could go buy a couch cover for my poor couch. She came to the door and asked "Do you have time for a pedicure?" And I said "yes" so we went there first. It as fun, but man my back hurts from the massage chair. Then we went to Target. Thay had some, but e wanted to go to some others stores so we went to Kmart. Nothing there. Oh after Target we went to lunch at Red Robin. The best!!! I had so much fun I didn't want the day to end. Thanks so much Shauna for making my day.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A.J.'s fight with the dirt.

A.J. covered in dirt from head to toe.
Look at all that dirt.

The past two days A.J. has been at scout camp and has loved every minute of it.
I don't understand how he got do dirty, I know he is a boy, but HOLY COW!!!!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

New Car and Metallica Guitar Hero

Gabe's new car
Gabe is determined to have one of his girl's like soccer

Gabe and Shawn playing Metallica Guitar Hero

Gabe had friday off so we decided to see if Hollywood Video had Metallica Guitar Hero. Well as you can see from the pic thay did. Shawn and Gabe had so much fun playing. I like the games because the whole family can play it. We have been blessed with a ward member who gave us a car for free. What a wonderful person he and his wife are. Thay just bought a new car and were going to take it somewhere when thay thought of us. Needs some work, but it still in really good shape. Gabe is excited to have a car now that will be good on gas, OH ME TOO!!!!!!!! Thanks Brother and Sister Wallis. Not to much went on the weekend. Tonight we are going over to a family in the ward for FHE and dinner. Thay have 8 kids so it should be fun. Most of their kids are the same age as ours.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

More Swimming

A.J. love that smile

Peyton after she jumped in

Peyton jumping in. She was loving it.

Shawn and Taya
Today we went swimming with my friend Didi and her girls. The kids had so much fun. I thought I had a picture of Emma from today, but I guess not.

Family, Swimming, and lots of fun

Aunt Janice, Hannah, Shayla, and Krishelle
Sitting by a fire playing games

Jordyn, Dallin, Kevin, Kayden, Kylie, and EmmaEmma


This past weekend I went to my family reunion. It was was, but not to many people were there. We stayed over night in a hotel, the kids went swimming. Peyton had so much fun, she is now a fish. Jordyn was a big hit. Everyone was loving her. My Aunt Elanie would sit so Jordyn won't see me, so she could still hold her.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

On Friday night Gabe got tickets to the Real Salt Lake game. Grandpa, A.J., Rylie and Gabe went, they had alot of fun. Gabe said the firework show was so cool, he said you could feel the boom from when they would go off.
Pioneer Shawn. Yes, Shawn is going on trek. This will be fun for him.
The best thing about it is, thay can't take cell phones or their Ipods.
I really hope he enjoys himself and feels the spirit and what the pioneers went through.