Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Jordyn's and Kayla's
Aj's, Emma's, and Peyton's

Dad's, Mom's, Shawn's, and Kelly's
Today I went over to my friend Didi's house to make finally make Jordyn's stocking. Yea that's right, last year I didn't make hers. I couldn't find the right material. I didn't know if I even like the material I bought, but with it all together I think it's cute. We even made Shawn's girlfriend Kayla one. She loves the Jazz.
The first year we were married is when Nyleen and I made ours. I love to see all the different kinds of stockings there are and what people have.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Fun, Fun, and more Fun

Who knew a 4 year old could have such BIG ones.
The girls being silly
Jordyn watching Blues Clue

Trying to put a movie in.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

This past week.

As I ponder the events of this past week, I am so thankful for my family and our health. On Monday we went to the most beautiful furnal for Gabes friend Rob. What a wonderful guy and all that he went through. The theme I guess you could say was "MY HERO". I don't think his family could have said it better. It was so nice to hear all the stuff people had to say about him. I am so grateful for the time I knew Rob. Thanks to his family for letting us have the chance to say goodbye to their hero.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Gabe.

Happy Birthday Gabe!!!
Today Gabes turns 33.
I just want to say happy birthday to a great guy, who I love more then anything.
It's nice to have our birthdays so close together. This month is also special because 11 years ago on the 8th we had our first date. I still remember it well. We went to Temple Square and then to Frontier Pies to have hot chocolate and pie. We talked for hours. He had a blueberry pie and I had a coconut cream. This past 11 years have had there ups and downs, but I wouldn't trade them for anything. I love you so much and thanks for all you do for the family. So I hope you have a great day!

Saying Goodbye!

Today is bitter sweet, Last night at 10:14 pm Gabe friend from high school past away.
My heart goes out to his family. Now he is at peace and is run with the bulls with his new legs.
Run like the wind Rob.